Taylor Haff Photography LLC | Georgia Wedding Photographer

Meet Taylor


hi y’all!

Are you looking for someone that will have SO much fun on your wedding day? So much so, that you almost forget that I’m photographing you? Look no further! Weddings are my jam, and I am here to make yours go as smooth as possible, all while capturing your details and the best parts of your day. I want you to look back on my photographs and be able to relive the perfect day that you have planned. I want you to feel the same emotions that you did on your wedding day, and I want you to feel like we are the best of friends through this entire process.

My photography journey started back in 2011 when I second photographed my first wedding with a huge mentor of mine. I was hooked since day 1, and I’ve photographed over fifty weddings since then in my spare time. After meeting my husband, he convinced me that I should pursue my dreams full time, and my photography business took off in 2017. I am now a full time photographer, and it is the best feeling to be able to live your dreams.

We are a little military family of 3 currently living in Georgia, but I also serve the areas of South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and Alabama!

Contact me for more information on capturing your day. I can’t wait to see what you have planned.



a few of my favorite things

  1. My family, including my husband and my daughter Lilly.

  2. The South, especially the hospitality!

  3. Chick-fil-A (pretty self explanatory)

  4. Sweet tea

  5. Our 5 animals: Moonshine, Rebel, Tuna, Fancy and Kahlua

  6. Lilly Pulitzer - if I’m not in dressed in black at a wedding, then I am always wearing Lilly. I love how bright and happy it is!


a few numbers

  • 2 full years in my dream business

  • 50+ weddings photographed since 2011

  • 2 full frame cameras to capture your day

  • 6 different professional lens, that create amazing images

  • 400,000+ images taken